May the Force be with you

Here comes another May. I always remember May as a bloody month for what happened 19 years ago. I might not be affected directly, but what happened really changed the life of the people and of course, this country. My country. I remember May as a fighting month, we fought for justice and defended what is right. That was people’s fight. This is people’s fight.

Don’t let the fire stops burning. Don’t give any chance to anyone who wants to turn off the struggle. We might not fight with violence, but we fight through our voice and action. What are we fighting for? We fight for a better system, better life quality, shrinking the poverty gap, and for the better version of us.

The struggle is real and it’s not over yet, dear friends! Raise your voice and act. Our motherland is waiting for you.

May 12, 2017


The Brightest Star Amongst All

There are two things that make a star is visible. First is the magnitude. The biggest the magnitude, the visible it is. Second is the distance. But I don’t see equal portion for the combination since the distance doesn’t contribute much to the star’s visibility. Even though it is closer to earth but if it doesn’t have strong magnitude, we barely see it. When the star has a big magnitude even it is so far from earth, the star is visible. So I guess, the magnitude really plays an important role here.

Only in the dark of the night, we can see the star with our naked eyes.

You are the brightest star I see, K. K is for Knight, a bright star located in the Milkyway. Don’t you know that your magnitude is so strong? You beat Sirius already. Screw the distance, your magnitude is more than enough to let you shine. And I don’t need Bamberg or even double lens telescope to adore your splendor….
the dark night..
I see.

Yo veo tu, mi astro.

The Ups and Downs of Language Learning

Learning a new foreign language for adults, YAY or NAY? I personally-strongly-definitely say YAY for that.

“It’s harder for adults, our brain is not a sponge that could absorb everything quickly like the old times”

“Adults have no time, we have jobs to do.”

Frankly speaking, I know the dilemmas. Been there done that. It is always hard at the beginning, as always. However, excuse will always be an excuse to hold your step. Otherwise, you will make it if you have the strong will. Sounds cliche, I am totally aware of it, but that’s how it works. Just like a wise man says “When there is a will, there is a way.”

If you are in the middle of hesitation whether to learn a new foreign language or not, I do hope that you may find this writing helpful in making the final decision. This is just a writing where I share my experiences in the world of language learning. So, let’s start with some nice things of learning languages.

All the Ups of Language Learning

1.Refreshment at its finest

I found it as a new playground where I could play with new toys and games. Of course there will be some adjustments as a consequence of bringing yourself into new environment. In the end, you will thank yourself for this as you now get another new thing to learn and to know about. Consider this as refreshment, it is sweet, but since nothing is free then you still have to pay. The currency is called time, effort, and persistence.

2. Excitement

Excitement always comes first when we learn anything based on our own. It refers to the things we want to learn according to our will, not based on obligatory subjects or the like. Did you still remember when you want to learn how to ride a bike and finally you had your first time lesson? The excitement is just the same. I found it interesting and nice as you may feel you have more reasons to do when you wake up in the morning.

3. Curiosity

This comes as one package of being a learner. Curiosity is the trigger of your thirst or hunger of knowledge. This is good, by the way. My suggestion: just keep the fire of curiosity burning more and more. Your learning session will be more interesting by having the flame of curiosity inside your head.


The Things People Grumble about Language Learning

1.It costs more time

Yes, it is! Definitely! Language learning is about commitment. It is about your will to spend particular time to learn something you never know about. It could short time or even longer time. It depends on some factors, namely learning method, time allotment per learning session, and learning goals. The simple illustration will be like this, if the goal is to master the language expression of self introduction, the learning duration will be less compared to the biggest goal like mastering the language expression of self introduction, introducing others, and describing daily activity. It will cost your time, indeed, but if you could manage it well, it will not be a big problem.

2. It costs me money also

Well, yeah! If you prefer to take course than do self study, this point is undoubted. It will not lead you to bankruptcy as well if you could manage the finance thing. Any alternative to have money free language learning experience? Yes! There are hundreds of ways, you just need to point one and do it. You could maximize the use of language learning applications, and i believe, there are plenty numbers of it.


I intentionally write more on the nice things to show that actually the benefits are in the bigger position compared to the grumble-to-be things. I do hope it could help you finding the decision for your hesitation. Does this writing makes you want to learn a new foreign language immediately, like now? The pleasure is mine šŸ™‚


July 5, 2016


May the Force be with Us

It’s been 18 years. For those living in Indonesia, remembering May means remembering a life changing action happened 18 years ago, on 1998. The students fought for justice and voiced out loud for government change. The people had suffered much from the economic crisis started amidst 1997 and life was never easier since then. The students’ movement had changed the face of this country even if it was paid with blood flows from their side.

Almost couple of decade after that, we could feel the changes in life especially in governmental side. Well, not that perfect, I must say, but I do believe this country is still learning and revising. Revising, which I hope, will lead to improvement in any aspect. As the part of the country, we-the people, still have the agenda to support the country life through speaking and defending the truth and standing against anything that could take away the people’s rights. Ā Be brave for the motherland!


InĀ remembranceĀ of students’ movement on May – Dec 1998

May 12, 2016